Who are we?

Future Proof is a collective of West Australian social enterprise & business professionals who join forces to build and measure new social ecosystems.

 How we work

We help our clients to create financially viable business models which address complex social and community needs.

 How we see the world

We believe that complex social issues must be addressed with new ways of thinking. Whilst traditional models of charity and welfare have their place. Future Proof believes in financial and operational sustainability whilst delivering enhanced social outcomes.

What we do.

Future Proof consultants will assist your organisation to conceptualise, design and pilot new social business models. Core principles of Social, Operational and Financial sustainability underpin all our work.

We partner with clients to review the efficiency and performance of existing programs. Future Proof offers independent, unbiased business consulting advice to help your business increase its social footprint.

We help our clients to identify the right social impact measurement tools to meet their individual needs and then work with the CEO and board to implement the recommendations.

Why we do it.

Society is at a crossroads. We can either continue down the path of welfare based systems or we can boldly embrace new, commercial approaches to breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Future Proof embraces this challenge and works tirelessly to design and launch new social ecosystems.

Meet the team.

Tom Tolchard
Co-Founder at Future-Proof

I’m really excited by the sweeping changes I see taking place in Western Australia right now. The physical, technological and social landscapes are changing at unprecedented rates and presenting new opportunities for those bold enough to explore them.

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Arnold Stroobach
Co-Founder at Future-Proof

Arnold is an experienced director and manager in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development. Arnold has a long track record of assisting organisations to a sustainable, responsible and long-term growth strategy.

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Scott Bywaters

Scott is a generalist business advisor with his own management consultancy and a range of business and community interests. He has a background in accounting and finance and has held senior positions with Australian multinational companies in the resources, energy and technology sectors. Scott’s work concentrates on strategy, planning and structured problem solving.

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45 St Georges Terrace,
Perth, WA, 6000

0415 078607

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